When a wealth of


“When a wealth of heavenly good is wrapped up in that one word, friend. It gets interwoven one way or another with everything that is right and desirable in life.”

The enemies to our


“The enemies to our happiness are more in the nature of mistakes, errors, superstitions, fears — things that have no power or substance except that which we give them in ignorance.”

My inclination


“My inclination, after years of observation, is never to charge anything to chance in nature. It is all cause and effect. Intelligence, often a higher order then what we call reasoning, guides the people of the forest.”

A Tippy Canoe and Canada Too

A person must stand


“A person must stand on holy ground to realize… that in himself are talents and the opportunities through which he must work out his salvation. Not in the world, but in his own character in his work. Success is not measured by comparing himself with his neighbor, but rather in the degree he cultivates and uses his natural ability.”

A Tippy Canoe and Canada Too‚ pg. 231