But hold on


“But hold on, Hi-Bub, don’t let the world snatch your treasure from you. Fight for your right to love the forest, and it will never fail you.”

A Tippy Canoe and Canada Too

Once in a while


(Duke) “Once in while I have reached the place where peace was close at hand that I knew where to seek it at last. It was when I forget myself, and as someone said, look through nature to nature‚ as God.”

Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Mo and Still-Mo pg. 38

Who has not stood


“Who has not stood at the glorious moment when it seems that God Himself has called him (or her) by name and directed him (or her) to an important task?”

Too Much Salt and Pepper‚ pg. 218

How values change


“How values change. A week ago these things (gas rations stamps) were more valuable to me then gold notes. Now they aren’t even good wastepaper!”

A Tippy Canoe and Canada Too‚ pg. 158