Our failure to understand


“Our failure to understand the true nature of things has put so many creatures on the undesirable list that if all were destroyed of which people do not approve, there would be little wild life left.”

A Tippy Canoe and Canada Too‚ pg. 71

Nature abhors the congregation


“Nature abhors the congregation of her creatures. She fights against the evils of our population. In the hearts of her children she plants an irresistible instinct for spreading, searching out new lands, seeking, ever seeking what lies just beyond the horizon.”

Tippy Canoe and Canada Too‚ pg. 69

Fear is the screen


“Fear is the screen that hides from our view the friendship native to the wild heart. Wildness is only a form of fear, for when kindness and patience have penetrated the veil, we see unmistakable evidence of the love in all forms of life.”

One of the inexplicable


“One of the inexplicable things in nature, at least to our present limited understanding, is the strange faculty of instinct found in both animals and men. In men instinct has been smothered and lost in self-consciousness and, with questionable benefit at times, compromised with reason.”

Why don’t we fight


“Why don’t we fight the thing that causes the trouble and not one another? Why don’t we fight hatred and fear, selfishness, greed, all the things that destroy human happiness. Slightly modified, only removed who was talking and the between comments.”

Seven Secrets of Somewhere Lake‚ pg. 95