Reasoning in the World

This afternoon I took a moment to read The Rendezvous in Nature’s Messages of Peace and ran across this thought.

While I am aware of the tremendous value of reasoning in the world, I think that it is often colored with selfishness, greed, and egotism, which render it not true reasoning at all. It seems to me that the more important things are always those which are whispered to us from within, and the constructive function of reasoning is to make these things a part of consciousness through definite acceptance of them.

There are those grand instincts in the consciousness of man which are glorious in their promise, yet which the world would crucify and destroy with its shallow reasoning if it could. Perhaps the greatest sermon preached by solitude in the Green Cathedrals is, “listen to the still small voice within, and fear not to accept the wonders of divine instinct and intuition.”