Visit to Campbell’s Island Home

Loons in the early morning fog

As the sun peaked over the forest canopy a golden pathway began to take shape across the still waters of Four Mile Lake. A Loon called from the morning mist and as the echo quickly faded, other bird songs filled the vacancy of the lone caller.

Standing on the shore of the little deserted island once called “Campbell Island” just over 100 yards from Sam Campbell’s island home, the peace and tranquility of the Northwoods was over whelming. I had longed for this morning for many months and to finally be here, was almost too good to be true. Yes, I had been here before, but this time I would have almost a week of un-interrupted access to the place Sam called home. The Sanctuary of Wegimind was a place he went to find himself from the rat race of city life and to film the animals he so loved so dearly. Continue reading

Transferring Sam’s films to digital media

While at NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) in mid April, we met with several companies that make top end transfer equipment for film to digital media. One of the companies shared the name of Video Conversion Experts from Chandler, Arizonawith us.

VCE has agreed to give us a good discount on the transfer costs if we can raise the money for the transfer by then end of August. This fall they have some large contracts that will be starting and their machines will be too busy to extend the discount. We need to raise $13,500 to have all of Sam’s 16mm films transferred to the quality of digital media needed for the documentary film.

Please consider helping us make this a reality.

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