Winter Wonderland Comes to the North Country

Over Presidents’ day weekend I took my camera and headed to Three Lakes, WI in search of snow in my pictures of Sam’s island. While I did find snow I also found two beautiful sun rises each boasting a different atmosphere.

Saturday morning the sun peaked over the trees for just a few minutes and then was hidden from view by the overcast that was developing.

Sunday morning was clear and as the sun peaked over the trees to the east a fresh layer of white pixy dust covered the landscape. As the sun grew higher in the sky, millions of little diamonds begin to appear in the landscape that was before me. I took my camera and did a 360 degree pan near the island trying my best to capture the beauty of the morning. What I’ve included here is one of the sequences with a few land marks being pointed out for you. The surroundings do look a little different from the warmer months.

Sam’s Island in Winter from Terry Dodge on Vimeo.

A 360 degree turn showing the beauty of winter in the North Woods. See the sun sparkle on the freshly fallen snow. See 'Wegimind Point' and the closest spot of land to the island covered in a white blanket of sparkling beauty.