About the Team

The following group of people have been deeply touched by Sam Campbell through his books or films. It is their love for what he shared that brings them together on this project.

Terry Dodge Jr. – Producer/Director

I learned about Sam Campbell as a boy, hearing my mother or father read to us from his books. It wasn’t until I was reading them to my kids that a greater interest was aroused. When my daughter asked, “Who is Sam Campbell”? I felt very inadequate to explain who he was. It was from this lack of explanation that I began my search to find out who Sam Campbell was. In 2001 I started TLD Productions, a video and movie production studio based in Berrien Springs, MI., and I’m also a Computer Specialist in the ITS Department at Andrews University.

Alison Vilag – Script Writer & Co-Author of companion book

I’m a girl of the North Country, happiest when there’s a fly rod, canoe paddle, or Gray Jay in my hand. In part, I attribute this to my devouring of The Living Forest Series when I was a young girl. Sam’s passion made me lust after my own nature adventures; as I got older, his conservation undertones resonated within me and continue to do so. Today, I find our culture’s relentless pressure to achieve (and maintain) the American Dream suffocating. Collectively, we yearn for an opportunity to disconnect and escape to the silence that nature provides—the silence Sam exalts in his writing.

Dennis Berlin – Research

DennisBerlinFamilyMy interest in Sam Campbell is purely an enthusiast, and the burden that led me to start putting a few of the books online was my desire to preserve something I considered to be extremely valuable. I had  called several publishers a number of years ago urging the reprinting of Sam’s books. I was told that reprinting was unlikely due to an anticipated low interest in the books. I was delighted when Mike Foster (of AB Publishing) contacted me to tell me he was going to reprint the Sam Campbell books. I’m a pastor currently serving in Nebraska.

Shandelle Henson – Research

In the electronic age, Sam Campbell’s message of simplicity, inner silence, and listening is more important than ever. I’ve authored a book on Sam Campbell, “Sam Campbell: Philosopher of the Forest“. Currently, I teach math and am the chair of the Mathematics Department at Andrews University.

Bruce Closser – Research / Book and Script Editor

I’m not what you would call a woodsman. To be truthful, I’m a little afraid of the dark, particularly when I have no one to share it with besides unknown night noises. And yet I love the outdoors and spend as much time there as I can. At least once each year I take a back packing trip along the Manistee River in Michigan. A hike along the river under a yellow fall canopy of leaves works out the kinks, not only in my knees, but in my mind as well. I owe my appreciation for the outdoors to the Sam Campbell books I read as a child. Sam’s frank, unapologetic love of nature rubbed off. Being involved in this project is one way to say thank you. I’m an English professor and head of the Writing Center at Andrews University, and a published author.

Steven Yahr – Co-Author of Companion Book, Research

After spending summers in Three Lakes reading Sam’s books I grew to see and love nature and all her children with the same joy that Sam did. Now living and working in the city I can even more appreciate Sam’s message as well as the wisdom in Inky’s admonition to “be natural”. This project is a labor of love, discovery, discernment, and peace. As a companion to the documentary film, I am authoring a book on the life of Sam Campbell. Currently I’m teaching at the University of Wisconsin, Stout Campus.

Susan EverBlest – Graphic Designer

Even as an adult, I was so charmed and impressed with Sam Campbell’s stories, that I knew that I wanted to be a part of this opportunity to celebrate his work and life. My small contribution to this project will hopefully help accomplish bringing Sam Campbell into many more people’s lives. I am a freelance graphic designer and have also worked for SimpleUpdates.com and the Woodwind and Brasswind.

Christy Kiltz – Webmaster

I grew up in a family that encouraged reading, and I traveled the world between the covers of books. Sam Campbell’s series took me to the northwoods of Wisconsin and introduced me to a love for animals through the antics of the characters in his books. Tucked between a fascinating storyline are principles that helped cement who I am today. In 2000 I started my own company Design! by Kiltz Internet Solutions, which provides comprehensive internet services to small businesses. I’ve also developed a series of classes aimed at helping business owners maximize their online presence.