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“Dad, Who is Sam Campbell?”

I grew up with Sam Cambell’s Forest Life books as an important part of my life. One night as I was reading one of his books to my children, my youngest daughter asked “Dad, who is Sam Campbell“?  Who is the man behind these books? I really didn’t know.

This film is my quest to see not only who Sam was but also what he stood for. While Sig Olson, Aldo Leopold and John Muir are more well-known and chose the political arena to use their skills, Sam went the way of people’s hearts inviting them to become friends with nature through films, lectures and books. He wanted people to put their fears aside and spend quite reflective time in nature restoring their hearts and minds.

Current research shows Sam was right all along in attempting to get people, old and young alike outdoors and the benefits it provides. I believe that Sam’s message is now more important than ever about coming back to the simple things in life, taking time to go out and listen to nature and learn from her quiet ways.

Terry Dodge Jr., Director

Your Financial Support is Needed

Without your support, this project won’t be able to come to life. Become a part of this project with your financial contribution.

Here are the specific needs as we move forward with the production and post-production phases of ‘Philosopher of the Forest’.

  1. Research is needed in the Chicago, IL, as very little is known about Sam during his childhood through his mid-twenties. Research is also needed in Phoenix, AZ. to see what happened to Giny’s things after she passed away in 1984. She took several of Sam’s films, his lecture notes and scrapbooks they had created together.
  2. A trip to the boundary waters in Minnesota and Quetico Canada to look for ‘Sanctuary Lake’ and film the routes Sam talks about in his books.
  3. Transferring several more of Sam’s films. One is ‘Land of the Voyagers’ a silent film about one of Sam’s trips to the boundary waters.
  4. There are a few more interviews needed with close family friends of Sam and Giny.
  5. Enter the film into film festivals and for promotion once post production is over.
  6. Replication of DVD and Blu-ray discs.

Other Ways To Help

Please share this film project with anyone you know that has either read one or more of Sam Campbell’s books or is looking for natural and healthy answers to stress, depression or the inability to focus and listen.
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The Impact

The film and companion book will not only introduce the audience to Sam Campbell the Author, Lecturer, Song Writer and Film Maker, but also to his message of seeking out the quiet in nature. In this quiet, one can truly find peace and grapple with the deeper meanings of life. It is in this quiet where peace can be restored to the restless soul.

Along with the documentary film there will be a companion book about Sam Campbell.

In addition to the documentary, we are planning to make available as many of Sam’s nature films as we can on both DVD and Blu-ray media. In these films we will include readings from some of his earlier books like ‘Nature’s Messages’.