The Project

Sam Campbell’s Nature Books

You may have read Sam Campbell’s nature books, but you may not know that he also produced many films and delivered thousands of lectures across the nation.

What if you could take a step back in time and see one of Sam Campbell’s films and hear one of his lectures or go visit his island home? Here at TLD Productions, we hope to make it possible for you to soon be able to do just that.

Though his humor and his beliefs about nature live on through his books, his films have been unavailable to the public. For many years it was believed that Sam’s films had been lost or destroyed.

TLD Film and Audio Productions

Sam’s Films

Several years ago some of those films were discovered and are being transferred to digital media. TLD Productions is working with these films, as well as interviews and current footage, to produce a documentary film entitled Philosopher of the Forest: The Sam Campbell story.

The film will transport you to Sam’s island home, invite you to listen to interviews from people who visited Sam and Giny on their island, and take you touring on the Minnesota Boundary Waters he loved and wrote so much about.

As an early pioneer of the environmental movement, Sam Campbell believed that nature had many things to teach us about the God who created us. He spent his life sharing this belief with audiences across the United States.

From his summer home near Three Lakes, Wisconsin, Sam filmed and wrote about the many things he saw and felt from nature. From his winter home in Barrington, Illinois he shared these films widely around the greater Chicago area and across the nation. Sam narrated these silent films with his humor and philosophy, always pointing the viewer to God, the creator of all things!

It is our goal not only to share Sam’s story and philosophy with you, but also to fulfill a real need in American society, the need to spend time in nature, listening. It is through this quiet listening that peace can be restored to a troubled heart and the hustle and bustle of life can be quieted. Only in this way can deeper thought occur and that still, quiet Voice be heard.