Project Sponsors & Supporters

Corporate Sponsors

PiragisThank you to Piragis Northwoods Company for your support on our upcoming trip to the Boundary Waters summer 2014.




Thank you to GSM Outdoors for the deep discount on a Epic POV Camera.

GSM Outdoor provides innovative outdoor products in a variety of different categories. For us the EPIC Carbine HD has been a great fit. The longer recording times and ability to resist dust and water without the water proof housing has been awesome.

Thank you to GSM Outdoors for your support!

Metropolis Post is a full service post-production facility in New York City that has made it financially possible for us to scan a few of Sam’s films. Using a Lasergraphics’, the Director film scanning system, new life is being given to Sam’s films for this digital age.

Thank you Metropolis Post for making the film scans possible!

Individual Project Sponsors

We’d like to thank the following people for their support of the project.

Executive Producer(s)

 Inky — The Porcupine

Tina D.

Looney Coon — the Raccoon


Still-mo — Red Squirrel

Joan S.
David M.

Stubby — the Chipmunk

Monica A.