Sam and Sig Olson

As the sun broke through the over cast and set the snow to dancing we arrived at Robert Olson’s home, Sig Olson’s youngest son. After introductions we set up for filming his interview.

Terry Dodge, Producer & Robert Olson

Robert is a quiet and passionate man. The interview went well as he told us about meeting Sam and his impressions of Sam. One thing he mentioned several times was the importance of getting Sam’s story told and not let him be forgotten as his reason for granting the interview.

After we finished the interview and as the lights cooled, we went to a local eatery for lunch. Robert continued to share, talking about about growing up near Ely,

Minnesota in Winton near Fall Lake at the Border Outfitters which his father owned. We soon headed back to his home to pick up the lights and say our good byes.

Steve Yahr & Robert Olson

Both Steve and I felt blessed for our conversation and time at his home. In parting, Robert gave us a few new leads to follow in our quest for more information about Sam.