Sam and the Boundary Waters

About six months ago I was given the name of Sig Olson’s youngest son, Robert Olson. He and his older brother made up the composite character Sam affectionately called Sandy “The Squoip”. Sam and Sandy used to torment Giny mercilessly with a little batty routine about a certain boid and woim. Although it drove Giny crazy then, when I read this story to my kids, they almost die laughing as I give my best Sandy”The Squoip” impersonations.

This weekend (January 14-15), I am very fortunate to be able to interview Sig’s youngest son about his memories of Sam and Giny. Steve Yahr, who is writing the companion book on Sam’s life, will be going with me on this trip. So many questions run through your mind before an interview like this. To be sure, it will become a memory that we will not soon forget.