Summer Laziness from Natures Messages

Tonight as winter melts with the dreary and dripping clouds of early spring, I pulled Sam’s book entitled Nature’s Messages and found my bookmark at the chapter entitled Summer Laziness. Since I’ve been looking forward to warmer weather I decided to feast my eyes on the words of the chapter. The following paragraph really caught my attention and I hope it can speak to you as well.

There is a lesson to learn from the languor of summer. In the perfect play of creation there is a legitimate allowance for sabbaticals-for times when the highest virtue is just being. Human experience lists sad evidence that we mortals can overdo as well as underdo in this business of living. Often some of the doings of our fair fellows would have been better left undone. There is a reason for hammocks hung in the shade, for days spent in reading or in just thinking, for time allowed to slide by without being loaded with fantastic things fabricated of our fears and foolishness. Likely we need instill more summer spirit into our life design and learn the science of its lovely laziness.

Summer Laziness, pg. 101 Natures Messages