Thank God for Silence!

Tonight I was reading through Sam’s book, “Nature’s Messages of Peace” published in 1937 and ran across this short but very powerful thought.

    “Is it not true that in the brightness of day we often see the least, and in the midst of many sounds we hear the least?

   How often, in the night, have I drifted in my canoe over the still surface of the lake, and realized that in the light of darkness I was looking upon a thousand suns, each one greater than ours; and in the deep, deep silence listening to glorious spiritual messages, to which the slightest sound would render me dull or deaf.

   In my prayers of gratitude I often say, ‘Thank God for Night, Silence, Still Waters, the Moon, and a Canoe!” These have been the sesame that has opened to me marvelous new worlds.”