The Man Behind the Project

Terry Dodge, Jr.So many of us grew up having Sam Campbell’s books read to us. We all were transported to a quiet world, surrounded by nature and animals who came alive with character. We held our breath as a canoe with precious cargo struggled against a gale force wind, doubled in laughter at the antics of Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Mo & Still Mo, and joined in the quiet conversations with Inky.

One man, in carrying on the tradition, with probably well worn books went beyond the fascinating stories to put a face on who Sam Campbell was, and to preserve his legacy. Terry Dodge, Jr. in answer to his daughters question is on a mission to keep Sam Campbell and his story alive.

Andrews University Focus magazine interviewed him for their Summer 2012 edition. Terry shares not only his current career, but what led him into film making and why this project is so important. You’ll find the article on page 10 of the magazine (pg.6 in the PDF spread)

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