The Campbellites

(This is from the first newsletter sent out to former members of these special train tours)

The Sam Campbell Special Train Tours have struck an original and effective note in the travel field. They have been planned on the premise that it is not Nature’s grand views but the mental state one is in when he sees them that makes traveling an enriching experience.

Sam Campbell found ways to weave into his tour designs something of the joyous nature philosophy which has made him a favorite as a lecturer and an author. Those who have traveled with him on his Special Train Tours have returned possessing a renewed faith and a feeling of friendliness for the world – particularly for their tour companions.

It is to perpetuate this priceless friendship that “Sam Campbell Special” has been designed. Through its brief columns we hope to aid our readers in preserving memoirs and preparing plans. Each one who has been on a Sam Campbell Tour will receive the publication periodically. Chicago and North Western Railway.

This group of people that were a part of the Sam Campbell Special Train Tours call themselves the Campbellites.